The British Institute of Radiology, in association with the Royal College of Radiologists, today launches its’ fourth annual Artificial Intelligence in Practice course. All radiologists, radiographers, physicists, oncologists & other healthcare professionals in addition to any with an interest in the applications of AI in healthcare services provision are invited to join.


iCAIRDs’ Dr Gerald Lip, Clinical Director of NE Scotland Breast Screening Service for NHS Grampian, will be presenting in todays’ session at 15:15 on his experiences with AI evaluation, analysis & development to clinical practice from his work as chief investigator of iCAIRDs’ large-scale mammography AI project currently being run with SME Kheiron and their mammography AI tool MIA. Dr Lip will also discuss the challenges which have been faced by the team during the projects’ implementation and update on the latest findings

The Artificial Intelligence In Practice 2021 course runs from 28 – 29 January with registration and full programme schedule available via link here.