The University of Aberdeen Medico-Chirurgical Society will be hosting Professor Fiona Gilbert (Head of Department of Radiology, University of Cambridge) as she discusses the challenges and benefits AI adoption could bring to radiology in her talk ” “Will AI Really Change Imaging?” on  Feb 4th, 7 -9 pm.


“Professor Gilbert’s clinical work and research has focused on imaging techniques relating to oncology, particularly breast cancer. She is interested in multimodal functional imaging with MRI and PET of the tumour environment using breast cancer as a model and correlating this with the tumour genetic profile. She undertakes research in stratified breast screening using Tomosynthesis, Whole Breast Ultrasound and contrast enhanced mammography and MRI. She maintains a strong interest in musculo-skeletal imaging and has been developing MR biomarkers for osteoarthritis. Having undertaken large trials evaluating CAD in mammography she is now working developing and evaluating AI in radiology.”

(Above biography extract from UoA event page)

Society members will receive Zoom details via email and others interested in joining should refer to the event page on the Society website here.