Thursday 27th May, 17:00 – 18:00

Dr Ben Glocker will be presenting “Spot the Lesion”, an introductory lecture providing an insight into the ways artificial intelligence (AI) is used for medical imaging in clinical practise.



Eventbrite talk abstract:

Medical images provide a detailed look into the human body, and are immensely helpful for doctors to spot signs of disease. It requires long time of training to ‘read’ medical images, and it’s a time-consuming, error prone task. These days, doctors are faced with an immense volume of images to look at while having less and less time dedicated to their patients.

Artificial intelligence, in the form of clever pattern recognition algorithms, can help doctors by automatically spotting suspicious regions in medical scans. These can be flagged up for further visual inspection or sometimes even automatically classified whether they look benign or malignant.

This lecture gives an introduction into AI for medical imaging and how researchers at Imperial College are trying to develop new algorithms that can detect subtle signs of disease, and help doctors in making better decisions in diagnosis, treatment and intervention.


This free event is suitable for ages 10 and up & is an excellent introduction to AI use in medical imaging for those interested in this fascinating field.

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