An application pack is currently being developed with guidance/criteria documentation for prospective partners/SMEs. Until this becomes available for download we ask potential collaborators to contact us using the form below.

Application Guidelines

  • Register an email, name and company name.
  • Pitch the project idea and the problem domain it aims to address.
  • Highlight the elements of the proposed project which meet the criteria required (see below) for inclusion in the iCAIRD programme of work.
  • Submitted proposals shall subsequently be assessed to confirm if projects are aligned with iCAIRDs roadmap.

Please refer to the section guidance notes below when completing the proposal form

    Application Criteria

    Please consider sending you proposal if:

    • Your proposal involves either the development, evaluation or deployment of AIs in a healthcare context – this could be clinical or operational
    • Your proposal requires access to health data at scale for the purpose of training or evaluating AI models
    • Your proposal requires access to experts in the field of AI in healthcare

    Please avoid sending your proposal if:

    • You are just seeking funding

    The more detail we have the easier it will be for us to assess if your proposal would benefit from using iCAIRD infrastructure and partner services

    Your Organisation

    Name of the organisation (or lead organisation if a joint proposal) that you represent

    Your Name

    The name of the primary contact point

    Your Email

    The email of the primary contact point – note: we will use this email in the 1st instance to communicate with you

    Your Website

    Link to your organisations website or to a project web page if you already have one setup

    Proposal Title

    The name of the proposal or a single sentence summarising the proposal if you don’t have a name yet

    Proposal Description

    • A description of what the proposal is
    • We do not expect (and actually prefer not to see due to IP concerns) how you plan to implement this proposal. The aim is really to understand what area of healthcare this proposal is aiming to address
    • Please avoid terms & jargon that are specific to your area of specialisation – presenting it in layman’s terms will expedite the review process. Using healthcare or AI terms is fine.
    • Proposals should clearly state which healthcare issues they intend to address and why they believe it could be beneficial to have them in place

    Proposal Type

    This section is aimed at indicating the overall intent of the project proposal

    • Research a concept
      • Tick this item If the proposal is essentially an idea or  still in the early research phase and you are looking to either develop or further develop your hypotheses with key stakeholders
    • Develop a product
      • Tick this item if your intend to use iCAIRD infrastructure to train & evaluate AI models
    • Evaluate a product with NHS
      • Tick this item if your project is a mature prototype or even a regulatory approved product that you would want to evaluate with NHS partners – either in a simulated or restricted live environment OR aim to try and evaluate as part of the project
    • Collect regulatory evidence
      • Tick this item if the product is completed or near completion and you are looking to gather appropriate evidence for regulatory clearance application purposes (UKCA, CE, FDA etc) OR aim to try and gather regulatory evidence as part of the project
    • Deploy a product in NHS
      • Tick this item if you already have a regulatory approved product that you want to deploy in a healthcare setting OR aim to try and deploy as part of the project

    We expect to see a broad range of proposals, so we assume some project proposals will span several stages of the lifecycle that these options represent.

    Funding Stage

    Used this section to indicate where your proposal is regarding funding status

    • Looking for funding
      • Select this item if you are currently at the early stage of determining what funding your project may need but as yet have not identified particular funding streams to apply to
    • Funding source(s) identified
      • Select this item if you have identified specific funding sources you intend to apply to
    • Applying for funding
      • Select this item if you are either applying or have applied for specific funding such as grants/ awards / etc.
    • Funding secured
      • Select this item if you have secured funding
    • Other
      • Select this item if none of the previous categories cover what you are doing around funding.

    Data Requirements

    • An approximate indication of the data types required
      • E.g. Types of imaging data needed
      • E.g. Types of information required from patient records like age, gender, lab results, diagnoses etc.
      • Any indication of what an “ideal” data cohort would look like
    • An approximate indication of the scale of data required
      • E.g. Number of Xray images required
      • E.g. Number of specific fields from patient records
      • If you know then indicate what the minimal amount of data you would need for your project to proceed
    • An indication of data quality required
      • E.g. What level of error can your project tolerate (if any)
      • E.g. What does “clean” data mean to you
      • E.g. How close to live data quality do you want the supplied data to be?
      • Is a clean highly curated dataset preferred?

    Support Required

    This section highlights the type of support the proposer may require during the course of the project

    • Clinical
      • Connect the proposer with clinical experts in relevant fields
      • E.g. an SME requiring clinical advice on their idea or prototype
    • Machine Learning
      • Connect the proposer with relevant ML experts
      • E.g. you are a clinical user needing support to determine which technologies would be appropriate for your suggested proposals
    • Data & services
      • Connect the proposer with health data specialists
      • E.g. to understand what data could be bought to bear in creating the solution being proposed
    • Health IT
      • Connect the proposer to relevant health IT experts
      • E.g. To understand any interoperability constraints that a solution would need to operate under
    • Regulatory support
      • Connect the proposer to relevant regulatory experts
      • E.g. to determine what evidence would be needed to satisfy the regulatory bodies
    • Evaluation advice
      • E.g. support in the creation of protocols to evaluate the proposed solution
      • E.g. support to run unbiased evaluations
    • Deployment advice
      • Connect proposer to relevant parties involved in new technology deployment
      • E.g. need to understand the procurement lifecycle
      • E.g. need to understand the IT infrastructure constraints
    • Health economic
      • Connecting the proposer to relevant health economic experts


    This section is just an opportunity to add any information that you feel is valid to support your proposal but perhaps does not fit into the fields already provided in this form