Key to iCAIRD is its functioning as a federated organisation built on collaboration between and across industry, healthcare and academic partners.

This integrated approach and focus on interoperability is what drives our work and brings many benefits for new potential partners considering joining us:-


iCAIRD is based within the Imaging Centre of Excellence (ICE) at the University of Glasgows’ Clinical Innovation Zone (CIZ), a focal point for SMEs, large companies and investments. CIZ is an ideal SME incubator, offering one of the worlds’ few 7T MRI scanners in a clinical setting and providing a hub for imaging innovation, including research-dedicated 3T MRI and large-detector CT systems.

ICE is also the administrative centre for SINAPSE (Scottish Imaging Network: A Platform for Scientific Excellence), a Scotland-wide initiative for medical imaging research, education and knowledge exchange.

Unique in the UK, SINAPSE includes seven Scottish universities & NHS Scotland and its partner institutions and is ideally positioned to connect iCAIRD and its partners with the medical imaging research community across Scotland.

UK companies will benefit from access to archives of high quality, annotated images, use of AI tools for innovation and product development with world leading expertise.

iCAIRD in particular is ideally placed to offer significant value to potential new SMEs; with an extensive federated infrastructure and accelerated review procedures reducing cost barriers to market entry.

Key benefits of joining for SMEs include:

  • Access to NHS IT staff and research-active clinicians to discuss projects and concepts.
  • Advice from & access to academic partners to shape the nature of the investigation to prime projects for success.
  • High performance AI training infrastructure coupled to large volume healthcare data available for development of novel AI solutions.
  • Opportunity to test & validate algorithms within the clinical workflow at a local and national level, in a timely and affordable manner.
  • Facility to design a bespoke study with access to sufficient quantities of high quality, securely held data in line with appropriate governance and ethical clearance, in short timescale.
  • Access to health economics from planning through to execution project phase.
  • Support in terms of both advice and financial (such as through licensing deals) to navigate the complexities of regulatory pathways from concept to market.

Philips SME Accelerator Programme

Philips is delivering an SME Accelerator Programme as part of its iCAIRD project commitment. The Programme will facilitate company networking, business knowledge, health technology training, mentoring and leadership in health AI.

SMEs will have access to web-based training in digital diagnostic AI to assist them in developing their concept and transform it from a proof of principle tool to a marketable product.

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