Please find below publications & studies which have been produced through iCAIRD programme works or contributed to by iCAIRD research collaborators – click on the publication title to access each article


(some may require academic database access licences to view the full article)

Weakly supervised learning & interpretability for endometrial whole slide image diagnosis

          Experimental Biology & Medicine, October 2022

Prediction of weaning from mechanical ventilation using Convolutional Neural Networks

          Artificial Intelligence in Medicine, July 2021

Survey: Leakage & Privacy at Inference Time

           Cornell University,, July 2021

Templated Text Synthesis for Expert-Guided Multi-Label Extraction from Radiology Reports

           Machine Learning & Knowledge Extraction 2021 3(2), 299-317, March 2021

Tissue-specific Immunopathology in Fatal COVID-19

           American Journal of Respiratory & Critical Care Medicine, 203 (2), Nov 2020

Paying Per-Label Attention for Multi-Label Extraction from Radiology Reports

           Lecture Notes in Computer Science vol 12446, October 2020

Have you forgotten? A method to assess if machine learning models have forgotten data

           Medical Image Computing & Computer Assisted Intervention, October 2020

Using imaging to combat a pandemic: rationale for developing the UK National COVID-19 Chest Imaging Database

           European Respiratory Journal 2020 56(2), August 2020