Please find below publications & studies which have been produced through iCAIRD programme works or contributed to by iCAIRD research collaborators – click on the publication title to access each article


(some may require academic database access licences to view the full article)

Prediction of weaning from mechanical ventilation using Convolutional Neural Networks

          Artificial Intelligence in Medicine, July 2021

Survey: Leakage & Privacy at Inference Time

           Cornell University,, July 2021

Templated Text Synthesis for Expert-Guided Multi-Label Extraction from Radiology Reports

           Machine Learning & Knowledge Extraction 2021 3(2), 299-317, March 2021

Tissue-specific Immunopathology in Fatal COVID-19

           American Journal of Respiratory & Critical Care Medicine, 203 (2), Nov 2020

Paying Per-Label Attention for Multi-Label Extraction from Radiology Reports

           Lecture Notes in Computer Science vol 12446, October 2020

Have you forgotten? A method to assess if machine learning models have forgotten data

           Medical Image Computing & Computer Assisted Intervention, October 2020

Using imaging to combat a pandemic: rationale for developing the UK National COVID-19 Chest Imaging Database

           European Respiratory Journal 2020 56(2), August 2020