Publications Policy

The overall objective of the publication policy is to ensure that any publications from the programme of work that are public facing comply with terms and conditions agreed by the partners including the requirements outlined by the funding organisation Innovate UK (UKRI). This policy aims to ensure:

  • That any publications referring to iCAIRD are promoting the programme in a positive and honest manner;
  • That any output / publication from iCAIRD does not breach any data governance rules / laws such as GDPR etc;
  • That all partners interests are protected and particularly that intellectual property (IP) is considered to ensure partners are able to seek to protect their IP through e.g. patents;
  • That iCAIRD reputation is developed and maintained in order to attract new projects and SMEs to the ecosystem being developed;
  • That partners contributing to a publication/ output are acknowledged appropriately;
  • That our core funding body Innovate UK (UKRI) are acknowledged appropriately;
  • Our partners, when contributing directly or indirectly to a specific output/ publication, have been afforded the opportunity to comment on any outputs being generated by the programme of work.
  • Any iCAIRD project outputs being promoted via social media or press releases by a partner should be presented in a manner that clearly reflects that partners involvement and contribution to that body of work.

The iCAIRD consortium agreement requires all partners to adhere to the following for all publications and outputs.

  • The iCAIRD Management Team (MT) will establish and maintain a record of all publications arising from iCAIRD. This record will be routinely updated and reported to Innovate UK, the Governance & Sustainability Board and to UKRI via ResearchFish or equivalent.
  •  Each partner will maintain records of publication outputs, relating to iCAIRD funded work, and provide appropriate details to the MT when requested. Noting that any information deemed confidential would be exempt from such a request.
  • Data generated as outputs of the project is to be curated appropriately and open access offered as per the funder’s requirements. Appropriate support by partners is expected to satisfy this obligation.


Parties should refer to appropriate individual work package agreement sections on “ACADEMIC PUBLICATION AND IMPACT” with regards to work package-specific clauses concerning permissions around IP sensitive publications.


All parties will acknowledge the support and/or services provided by iCAIRD in all publications deriving from projects that have utilised iCAIRD facilities or services.

Full acknowledgement : “This work is supported by [or part of] the Industrial Centre for AI Research in digital Diagnostics (iCAIRD) which is funded by Innovate UK on behalf of UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) [project number: 104690]
Shorter acknowledgement : “This work is supported by [or part of] iCAIRD which is funded by Innovate UK on behalf of UK Research and Innovation (UKRI)0 [project number: 104690]. “

Social Media

Social media outputs should also acknowledge iCAIRD appropriately


Tweets referring to iCAIRD work should be tagged with @iCAIRD_Scot


Relevant LinkedIn posts should be tagged with @iCAIRD