In this project we are working to develop & integrate Canons’ (i) Safe Haven Artificial Intelligence Platform (SHAIP) & (ii) Clinical Cockpit for AI Evaluation (AI Cockpit) within Glasgow & Grampian NHS Safe Havens. This infrastructure will facilitate the development & evaluation of machine learning algorithms trained on SHAIP in a hospital setting and within the clinical workflow environment.

Aims / Objectives

The key objectives of this project are:

  • Specification, research, development, testing & documentation of software for SHAIP and Clinical Cockpit systems.
  • Research into safe, secure, explainable AI to enable robust adversarial testing of algorithms trained on SHAIP in addition to research into AI for de-identification of clinical text.
  • Integration with hospital and safe-haven systems, including establishment of appropriate required governance, validation, commissioning and support of live systems

Project Partners

Work Package Leader:   Canon Medical Research Europe

Contributing Partners:   NVIDIA, University of Glasgow, University of Edinburgh,
NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde

Further Learning/ Resources